About Vinay Pharma

Vinay Pharma is a company that brings along the global availability of pharmaceutical raw materials. the company “Vinay pharma” was formed in 1999 with an intention to be an active supplier of “Active Pharma Ingredients API and their respective Intermediates with a long-range of chemicals”.

VINAY PHARMA – Established in 1999, a leading pharmaceutical company and fastest growing indenting house & sourcing agent for API’s and organic chemicals, we believe in building everlasting & rewarding relationships with its employees and clients alike. Our company has a strong foundation on higher standards of quality, trust, reliability, and transparency in the conduct of business, which leads to mutual growth.

We have the strength of a young and dynamic team that is engaged in representing world-renowned makers and suppliers globally as well as importers and makers in India.

VINAY PHARMA has approximately 25 highly technical & professional employees, who are being assisted by around 15 executives to conduct day to day activities in the functioning of various divisions.

VINAY PHARMA growth has been fuelled by its deep and wide penetration in the vast Indian Pharmaceutical and Chemical market and its strong understanding of the challenges. It has 450 plus clients spread across the country and more than 50 across the globe.



  • The Formation
    With a vision to be the best in the industry, our company started its primary activity of APIs and Organic Chemicals way back in 1999.
  • Going International
    Within a decade, our organization built its root in the international market wherein, we started with Indenting and Import Division.
  • Nurturing Growth
    Vinay Pharma's vision escalated quickly and achieved growth with respect to its product offerings, principal agents as well as buyers. Thereby, allowing us to achieve a Target turnover of 10 million USD.
  • Enterprising
    Vinay Pharma has recently gained momentum and potential in exceeding growth with many Chinese principals, thereby allowing it to enter a joint venture with them. This results in providing more product offerings to its clientele.